If Real Life Pokemon Characters Existed, This Is What They’d Look Like

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If Pokemon Characters Were Real, This Is What They Would Look Like

With the release of Pokemon Go, Niantic has brought both fans of the series much closer to their Pokemon counterparts, allowing a strong bond to build between trainer and their Pokemon.

Every Pokemon fan must have wondered more than once what it would be like if these creatures existed in the same world as ours. Perhaps that’s why we spend hours roaming the streets searching for Pokestops and new Pokemon to catch. What we do not realize is how much their real life forms could differ from their animated versions.

Concept artist, Joshua Dunlop, embarked on a side project to illustrate what 11 of his favourite Pokemon would look like if they were real life creatures. Some of them are pretty creepy! I wouldn’t want any of those popping out of my phone and scaring me. Of course, there are the adorable ones like Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Poliwag. Surprisingly, classics like Pikachu and Eevee, widely known for being adorable, fell into the creepy list.

Here are my favourites from his brilliant illustrations :

1. Bulbasaur


Just too adorable!

In my opinion, it’s the most adorable character of the illustrated series and nabs the first spot in my list. Some may even call the bumps and scales sprinkled across his body unappealing, but I think it makes it all the more enchanting.

2. Poliwag


watching the day pass by.

Officially, it may be a water tadpole but I favor this version a lot, painting it as a penguin-sparrow hybrid that’s too cute for words.

3. Squirtle


surprised to be caught on ‘camera’

Looking at the ‘Puss in Boots’ eyes and that little hard back shell, I find him absolutely loveable! Unfortunately for him, after passing this photo around the office, the consensus is that it isn’t as adorable as his animated form. *sadface*

But that’s not all, check out the rest of his illustrations:

4. Wartortle


having the time of its life!

5. Caterpie


Caterpie, Caterpie, where art thou?

6. Pikachu


7. Eevee


Bring back the animated style of Eevee because this is the stuff of nightmares!

8) Charmander


Like a dinosaur who is totally cool with its tail being on fire.



Probably the only character that resembles his animated form.

10) Weedle


Nope, nope and nope.

11) Diglett


Sometimes it’s better to stick to the original.

Source for Images: Joshua Dunlop – Art Station