OVERWATCH: New Valentine’s Day Voice Lines Discovered!

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Introducing the new ‘Gency’ in Overwatch

Recently, Redditor /u/akhanubis discovered a few Valentine’s Day voice lines hinting at a budding romance between Genji and Mercy. Since then, the pair have been aptly named ‘Gency’ by Overwatch ‘shippers, a term used to describe people that create fan fiction and art about romantic relationships between characters.

Many hearts will be broken as players have long paired the flying duo, Pharah and Mercy together essentially creating ‘Pharmercy’ while Genji was always paired with his very wise mentor, Zenyatta resulting in the term Genyatta.

Gency was in the making in “Reflections”

Gency was in the making in “Reflections”

“Reflections” potentially paired them together

It all pieces together nicely though when you realize that Genji was saved by Mercy after a deadly fight with his brother Hanzo, leaving a soft spot in Genji’s heart for his dear doctor. Overwatch has also hinted at the romance in their holiday comic, Reflections, which was released last December. In the comic, there is an image of Genji writing a letter, which I assume is the same one Mercy receives later on and she is seen smiling while reading it. Could it be possible that the deadly assassin Genji might have written something silly?

Let’s find out what they said!

For me, the voice lines are extremely adorable since Genji is always portrayed as a ruthless assassin, devoid of all feelings, preferring to be alone as he copes with his new cyborg changes. It warms a small part of my heart knowing he connects emotionally with his doctor. Perhaps she might finally be the one to help him find the heart he lost long ago along with his human form? And of course, it’s a Valentine-themed voice line so love MUST be in the air!

Let’s look at the lines the community has been buzzing about :

In the first voice line, Mercy buys chocolates for Genji and offers them to him, claiming that Swiss made chocolates are the best! Genji is later heard accepting it and flirts mildly with Mercy by suggesting that she shares them with him. Also, he refers to her as Angela, her first name, which hints at the growing intimacy between them.

The next voice line starts off with Genji returning the gesture by buying Mercy chocolates but soon admits that they are not Swiss made. (Genji, boy, you gotta up yo game! The woman said Swiss are the best!!). Mercy follows with a heartfelt sigh but still gracefully accepts them and thanks him for the gesture.

The last voice line shares some good news with players that the Shimada brothers are now on talking terms. It begins with Genji asking his brother if he received any chocolates today but his brother quickly brushes it off by referring to Mercy’s gift to Genji as an amusement that he is not interested in.

Although these lines seem tailor made for a Valentine’s Day themed event, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan has previously confirmed that the game will not be creating special events for both Valentine’s day and Easter. *Sad Face*

  • Valentine’s Day voice lines uncovered by Redditor /u/akhanubis.
  • Genji and Mercy : romance is in the air?
  • Many broken hearted ‘shippers who have long awaited a different pairing.
  • No Valentine’s Day or Easter themed events confirmed by Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan.

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