4:33 Creative Lab launches new strategic collection RPG game, Monster Super League, for iOS and Android.

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4:33 Creative Lab launches new strategic collection RPG game, Monster Super League, for iOS and Android.


Singapore – Sept. 5, 2016 – With the rise of popularity of catch, collect and evolve games, leading mobile game publisher 4:33 Creative Lab launches their latest title, Monster Super League, an action-packed collection RPG game available now in the App Store and Google Play for Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. A worldwide release date will be announced soon.


Fans of the genre can look forward to traversing eight distinct regions capturing and training over 550 unique and vibrant Astromons, each with their own special elements and combat styles.  Players can proceed to collect these cute allies using the on-field capture system with their Astro Gun loaded with mystical chips. Once an army of Astromons is assembled, players can evolve them into powerful creatures that will be used to battle in the Astromon League – an arena with a sea of enemies to challenge and a customizable growth system to further enhance their beloved Astromons.


In Monster Super League future Astromon trainers will:

  • Embark on an engaging, yet treacherous single player adventure to become a legendary Astromon trainer and champion of the Monster Super League;
  • Traverse through eight stunningly designed story regions and three special regions;
  • Capture, collect and evolve diverse and powerful Astromon across the different lands;
  • Dominate the Leagues and compete in dynamic PvP battles with a trained team of their best fighters;
  • Earn special and rare rewards and Astromon during intense battles.

Build your team of powerful Astromons today and test your mettle by going head to head with other Astromon trainers. Now available in the App Store and Google Play in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia with a worldwide launch coming soon.

Download link :
iOS: https://goo.gl/T5Nd7o

Android: https://goo.gl/NiJPUD

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About 4:33 Creative Lab:

4:33 Creative Lab, with experience in publishing numerous hit mobile games including Lost Kingdom, Heroes for Kakao and Blade for Kakao, is a leading mobile game developer and publisher in Korea.

4:33 Creative Lab was founded by Joonmo Kwon, former CEO of NEXON and NEXON Mobile with other members with experience in developing blockbuster mobile and online games. The company boasts a portfolio of many mega-hit titles in different genres, and has established its firm ground as an experienced mobile game publisher in collaboration with many promising studios.