8 Reasons Why You Should Not Mix Drinking And Gaming

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Drinking and gaming, two of the most wonderful things that go together, ask any gamer above the drinking age and they will agree heartily. But over imbibing can lead to terrible and hilarious consequences.  Here are 8 reasons why you shouldn’t do it:

1. Character creation

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When under the influence, your artistic skills can become a little wonky. Something that you might have thought of as the next Mona Lisa could very well turn out to be a disfigured or flawed version of someone you dislike at school, in the workplace or even in the neighbourhood.

Careful, you might just be playing as your nemesis!

2. Creating your in-game name

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When you play games that evoke heavy emotions, it’s going to be tough to maintain and feel the impact of the moment with a name like “Glitterfart” or “Fluffenstein”.

3. You might get really good at certain games you couldn’t beat when sober

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Imbibe over your average amount and you might find yourself flying through difficult levels that you couldn’t beat previously. Looking at you Super Meat Boy and Binding of Isaac!

I can attest to this when I play Heroes of the Storm. When I’m sober, my win rate is perhaps 50-50 because I tend to overthink and play cautiously. But after 2+ pints of beer, I throw my gaming caution to the wind and pull some bold moves that shock even me till this day.

4. Liquids and your hardware don’t mix

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Another thing people forget is that the technology that supports your gaming lifestyle does not come cheap. It’s all fun and games till someone throws up on your equipment like your headset, mousepad…and even your keyboard, and that sir, is a very difficult piece of equipment to clean. More gaming less drinking please.

5. Multiplayer

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For the love of god, if you’re going to drink, inflict the harm purely on your liver and not your teammates’ ranks! You see, when you’re totally ‘pissed’ and try your hand at rank games, you’ll perform poorly, feeding the enemy. On top of that you’ll cause a lot of heartbreak to your teammates when you lose the game, resulting in everyone’s ranks dropping.

6. Saving over a saved game

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Now this may not be so common these days but it still happens. Especially in open world, RPG and decision making games where hours upon hours of progress was poured into it, only to be wiped out by one silly night of heavy drinking. When you next launch the game hoping to continue from your dedicated progress, your save slot is either empty or replaced by a level one character. Let the mourning begin!

7. You’ll get a hangover

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On top of the 6 terrible things that I’ve covered above, nothing could be worse than waking up with your head aching so hard it feels like it’s about to explode. Drink wisely people!

8. Drunk shopping

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Ok, so maybe you realize that you’re too wasted to attempt anything that requires hand-eye co-ordination. Instead, you browse your steam library …and what’s that, the store tab? Click.

Things pass in a blur and you wake up the next day with your email bombarded with receipts thanking you for your steam purchases. Uh-oh.

The best case scenario is that you’ve bought everything from this list of our Top 10 games for 2016 or a whole bunch from 2017. Although not such a bad thing, it is financially, an unwise move.

The worst case scenario is you buy tons of full priced copies of Bad RatsThe GraveyardDinner DateAirport Simulator 2014Secret of the Magic Crystals, and I’m sure there’s a lot more to be listed, but you get the idea.

Lucky for you, Steam has a refund policy but the paperwork is going to be a pain in the a**.