Seven Guardians : The Dwarven Update

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Seven Guardians - Dwarven Update

Seven Guardians has just launched a big update for October and a number of new features have been included, from new Hero series, new battle mode, new rune system to hero extraction and many more! We also have update celebration events which makes adding the new hero series to your collection easy. We’ll talk more about the newest features below, but for those who have not experienced this game before, you can download it now and learn more about our unique hero series including our newest hero, the Dwarvens!




New Hero Series: The Dwarven stores electricity with each attack and emits a powerful beam, briefly entering discharge mode and has a 50% chance to be immune to push back and knock down attacks. For example, the Dwarven Rogue rapidly flies electric bombs from both arms to attack ranged enemies and flies to the enemy for self-detonation when electric energy is fully charged.


New Battle Mode: The Tank War is a new PVP system where you command two Hero parties and a Protector in rank battles. You can win trophies from Tank War and use it to purchase Runes from the Magic Shop. Tactically deploy your Heroes to overcome obstacles and win the battle!

※ Tank War will be activated after clearing World Map Chapter 3-15.


Rune System: Runes are magical slates imbued with mystic powers. Unlike gears, you can imbue various elements on Runes. Customize your Heroes with diverse Runes and use Trophies won from the Tank War to buy Runes from the Magic Shop. There are 3 types of Runes, each with 6 ranks. All Heroes have 6 Rune slots to engrave Runes with specific Hero class.


Last but not least, Seven Guardians is celebrating this update until 12th October with several events and tons of gifts such as increase chances to receive Dwarven Hero Shards from Magic Millstone, Magic Millstone renewal is doubled (5 > 10 times), etc.

The battle begins now! Follow us for more updates!

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