Monster Super League – The Spookily Cute Halloween Update

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Mobile game publisher 4:33 Creative Lab updates Monster Super League this month with new spookily cute content sure to trick or treat their players this Halloween Season.

The update introduces a special Pumpkin Astromon dubbed the ‘Jack O Little’ that can be caught and upgraded to Jack-O-Lanty and further evolved to its most powerful form, Jack-O-Lyn. This Super Rare Astromon will randomly appear in stages of story mode, can be summoned in the Special Shop, or through opening [High] Secret/Dark/Light eggs for a limited time only until 3rd November 2016.


There are two forms of Jack O Little – the light and dark element, both equipped with special recovery powers. At its 3rd evolution form, dark element Jack-O-Lyn can recover energy for the team when attacking and its light element can recover 30% of its own skill energy when it lands critical attacks, making this special Astromon a valuable monster to have in your line up.


The update doesn’t stop there; another exciting Halloween activity will start at the end of October and a new 5-star Astromon is slated to be released soon so stay tuned to our official Facebook page to find out more details!

Players new to the game can download it here:



and join our friendly communities that are always out there lending a helping hand.

As items during this event are available for a limited time only, fire up your game now and get as many Halloween items as possible! Come celebrate and feel the spooky cuteness with us this Halloween!

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About 4:33 Creative Lab:

4:33 Creative Lab, with experience in publishing numerous hit mobile games including Seven Guardians and Monster Super League, is a leading mobile game developer and publisher in Korea.

4:33 Creative Lab was founded by Joonmo Kwon, former CEO of NEXON and NEXON Mobile, with other members with experience in developing blockbuster mobile and online games. The company boasts a portfolio of many mega-hit titles in different genres, and has established its firm ground as an experienced mobile game publisher in collaboration with many promising studios.

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