Cubie Adventure has soft launched in Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand today!

Cubie Adventure


Singapore – Oct. 26, 2016 – Get ready to dodge obstacles and race to first place in Cubie Adventure, 4:33 Creative Lab’s newest and most adorable racing runner 3D platformer game that soft launches today in Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand on both iOS and Android. With a simple one-touch control play style, it is suitable for all age groups and easy to play but will require skillful timed taps as players progress through the stages.

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To embark on this new adventure, players will choose from 5 starter Cubies, each with its own unique action and active skill. Enhancing the running experience would be the selection of Cubie’s most adorable companion, the Cupet which will come with its own unique passive skill to help players along in their journey.


The aim of the game is simple – avoid obstacles, stay alive and collect as much coins as possible which can later be spent in shops or expand your Cubie and Cupet collection.  Players can easily dodge obstacles and change their running direction with a simple tap!


As Cubie Adventurers progress in the game, they will

  • Unlock and collect a wide variety of adorable but powerful Cubies and Cupets. Use matching pairs to activate a special ability to help you through difficult stages;
  • Explore many exciting and vibrant maps, each designed with a unique theme;
  • Take on more than 100 stages with boss fights waiting at the end of each chapter;
  • Play through 3 different modes available : Adventure(Campaign), Racing (PVP)and Crazy (High difficulty);
  • Earn special in game achievements and rewards when completing stages and races.

So let’s train our reflexes and start adventuring together today!

Cubie Adventure’s worldwide launch will be coming soon, please follow our page for the latest news and updates.

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