Sam, Nic + Co

Company: Sam, Nic + Co
Web Design
Involved: Wireframe, Design, Domain, Optimization & Branding

Sam, Nic + Co is an immigration advisory consultancy firm for Singapore PR and Citizenship. Their mission is to guide and support their clients to achieve their goals with confidence.

The founders, Sam and Nic, were looking for a design that wasn’t straight-laced corporate but a layout that was approachable, modern and professional. Didn’t hurt if it reflected their personalities as well!

I deep-dived with Sam into the issues that most clients faced before the outreach process and during the application process. This will allow me to better understand how the layout and content could improve a potential client’s confidence in reaching out to the advisors.

The design should attract an international audience seeking to make Singapore their next home. Call to actions and contacting advisors should be clear and simple. Content that explains what to expect from advisors and the client’s journey needed to be showcased concisely to boost confidence.

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