OASIS Cafe Retail

Company: OASIS Cafe
Role: Organizer, Community & Designer
Involved: Co-ordinating retail gaming cafe

OASIS Cafe located at Dhoby Ghaut is a premiere gaming cafe catering to both the casual and competitive gamers. We often host competitive tournaments in partnership with game publishers such as Blizzard Singapore, Garena, Asiasoft and various smaller game leaders and their communities.

While I was there, I took on the role of community manager, designer and event organiser. The top 3 events I extremely enjoyed co-ordinating were the Overwatch Pre-launch, Heroes of the Storm Asian Championship and Dota 2 Pubstomp 2015.

These are the official banners I designed for their storefront.

Storefront Banners

Retail Banners

PC Wallpaper Promotions

Oasis Name Cards

Print Marketing Promotions

We ran a promotion aimed at ramping up sales by encouraging our customers to buy two hours to get another hour for free.

Another promotion was activated during Valentine’s Day to encourage customers to bring a friend along for free!

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