Fantasy Defense II

Company: NHN Entertainment Singapore
Role: Designer
Involved: Advertising and eDM
Game: Fantasy Defense II
Genre: Tower Defense

Designed to look straight out of an anime, Fantasy Defense wants the player to secure a giant crystal called the sanctum while strategically placing various units at different locations to starve off waves upon waves of monsters. Depending on difficulty, enemies can use different routes to gain access to the Sanctum so all lanes must be covered. It’s a fun and addictive game with beautifully designed characters.

In this project, I designed the EDM that would be blasted out to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam players on release day.


Grand opening banner ad to be placed on the website


EDM to encourage existing players to try FD2


Another ad to be placed on influencers’ websites


Cross promotion with Fish Island SEA game to market the game to the existing fan base.


Banner ad for the Thai market.

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