Castle Master II Pre-Launch

Company: NHN Entertainment Singapore
Role: Designer
Involved: Google Play, App Store
Game: Castle Master II
Genre: Action, RPG, Hack & Slash

While I was at NHN Entertainment Singapore, our team secured publishing rights for MMO action-RPG game, Castle Master 2. This game is a classic hack n’ slash that allows online play of up to 600 people and their massive armies, essentially 300 vs 300. This was pretty shocking but awesome as I was still wadding into the mobile games industry.

Before the pre-launch phase, I was tasked to design promotional assets for both Google Play and App Store to showcase characters, game features and a preview of the gameplay.


Main promotional banner


Customize characters skills and equip weapons & accessories from a large selection


Level your character and unlock dungeons to raid for higher tier weapons


Once ready, players can battle AI or players from other clans.


Gather crops, collect wood, produce gold and mine diamonds.
Balance home resources to ensure your castle prospers!


Get your fortune read daily by the sorceress to see if luck is on your side.

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