Werewolf Tycoon – Play a werewolf in search of his next stealthy human snack!

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Werewolf Tycoon is a free stealth simulation game where you play a hungry werewolf preying on unsuspecting humans strolling in a park. With the bush and flickering lamp as your cover, you wait for the right time where all the yummy humans are right in front of you before you pounce and eat them. Eating business men carrying briefcases will earn you better rewards so be sure to prioritize your humans!

Werewolf Tycoon - Eating park goers!

Werewolf Tycoon – Eating park goers!

Sounds deceptively simple right? Problems arise when the werewolf is seen and fails to eat witnesses who escape. This combined with many missing people reports starts to generate interest in the media, bringing flocks of photographers to the park to prove the werewolf’s existence.

Werewolf Tycoon - Don't let the media get away!

Werewolf Tycoon – Don’t let the media get away!

Once the media arrives, it gets harder for the werewolf to casually eat humans in the dark as photographers will take pictures once it is spotted. If the media should escape with a photo of the werewolf, the army will be called upon to investigate and that’s when the werewolf either starves away in the bushes or gets shot by the army and the game ends.

Werewolf Tycoon - Open briefcases for special rewards!

Werewolf Tycoon – Open briefcases for special rewards!

At the end of each werewolf cycle, players will unlock special briefcases dropped in-game by business men when consumed, inside you will find strategic items that help make the next cycle a more bountiful feast, be sure to use them wisely.

The game is rather short with limited content but plays great as a stress reliever or time killer between commutes. Although the concept is bloodthirsty, the graphics is appealing and non-violent, making it suitable for all ages.

To get your claws on this game, download it today at Google Play and iTunes Store.

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