Tap Titans – Hire heroes and take monsters down with a tap!

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Tap Titans (iOS & Android)


Your next guilty pleasure starts with Tap Titans, a free to play endless tapping game developed by Game Hive Corporation that is easy to pick up, great fun if you tight on time and has a gorgeous art style with a multitude of backdrops as your battleground. In the game, you play as a little hero hacking and slashing away at the huge monsters that loom over you. Each tap equates to one sword swing at the foe, the faster you tap the more the hero hits until the monster is defeated.


The game is packed with many levels, each level has 9 regular monsters that are easy to kill and 1 timed boss with an enormous amount of health to hack away at. You’ll be given just 30 seconds to reduce its massive life pool to zero which means you’ll need upgrades to help you.


To beat these titans, the first thing you should do is to level up your hero’s damage per slash and unlock his special skills when you’ve reach the appropriate level in the hero’s tab. Next, start hiring allied heroes to fight for you and remember to increase their damage level too.  Each allied hero has passive skills that unlock at level 10, 25, 50, 100 and so on and so forth. You might say ‘I’m sure these upgrades come at a cost!” and you’re right, the game drops gold whenever you slay a monster, the higher the difficulty the more gold you get! Use these to constantly increase your hero’s and allied heroes damage levels to take down difficult monsters easily.


During battle, players may chance upon a little fairy flying around with a chest, by tapping on her she can either give you more gold to purchase upgrades for your team or my preferred reward – an increase in attack speed or damage for the next few seconds, really useful if your hero skills are on cooldown.


While you’re away from the game, your allied heroes will take your place dishing out damage. They might fail to beat the boss but continue to amass more gold by defeating an endless line of regular monsters. When you’re back, remember to upgrade your team and you’re good to go!

Once you’ve reached a high enough level (Psst, level 50+), a daily dungeon will unlock and beating it will earn you good rewards to help progression in game.


If you’re looking to pick up a game that has easy game play, good entertainment value at no cost and a workout for your fingers, you can’t go wrong with this insanely addictive game!

Tap to defeat massive titans at: http://bit.ly/TapTitansAndroid  (Google Play) or http://bit.ly/TapTitans_iOS (iTunes)

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