HUNGRY SHARK EVOLUTION Review: It’s A Shark’s Life!

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“Yesss, eat all the humans!!” I shouted as I boosted my shark out of the water onto the shore to eat a pair of unsuspecting swimmers that had just emerged from the waters. This is the type of satisfaction you can expect to feel as you swim around hunting for a nice meal of humans that float above the waters. It’s wrong, sadistic and inhumane, but I can’t help looking forward to my next hunt in Hungry Shark Evolution.

Unlock stronger sharks!

Unlock stronger sharks!

The sharks need to feed!

Hungry Shark Evolution starts you off at the lowest rung of the ladder, a reef shark. You’ll need to constantly feed on whatever you find in the ocean to keep from starving. Most of the time you’ll come across smaller snacks like fish, turtles and birds to fill your belly. However, blood is your sport and all you hunger for is human flesh.Try skimming the surface for unsuspecting swimmers or “floaters” (people lounging on floats!) to chomp on. Be careful not to reveal yourself too early though, the humans are watchful and once you’re discovered, they will start swim like Michael Phelps. Fret not, there is a boost ability you can use to catch up to the target and chomp down the tasty treat.

Damage, speed and boost are all upgradeable

Damage, speed and boost are all upgradeable

My sharking skills suck, how do I become a better hunter?

You earn coins each time you consume something, the bigger the better the rewards (boosting for humans FTW!). Coins can be used to upgrade the bite power, swimming speed and boost speed of the shark, improving your ‘sharking’ game. The longer you survive and keep your belly full, the faster your shark grows, which eventually leads to you unlocking stronger sharks. Another way to earn coins is to collect seashells while hunting to unlock new mission like the ‘Pelician Pinch’ that earns you a set amount of coins when you eat three Pelicans.

Keep your hunger meter full or starve!

Keep your hunger meter full or starve!

The waters can also be a dangerous place

Everything is not all hunky-dory in the waters for sharks even though they’re at the top of the food chain. Smaller creatures with deadly toxins can attack your shark, making it sick and unable to continue its feeding spree. When roaming in deeper water, be extremely careful when chasing after your prey and avoid contact with poisonous fish. As just two examples, Puffer fish poison with their spikes and Stingrays sting when you collide with them. There are a host of other dangerous creatures that can cause you to die a silly death, so take extra precautions as you dive deeper.

Humans are your favourite snack because they keep you fuller for longer, so attack as many of them as you can. This won’t go without notice and the beach patrol will send out skilled divers to hunt you down. As a reef shark, you won’t have the chomp power to fight or consume them so avoid them at all costs, until you upgrade to a bigger, more vicious shark. That’s when the tables are turned and these dangerous threats start looking a lot like convenient snacks to keep your belly full.

Use boost to reach targets!

Use boost to reach targets!

Yay or Nay?

As you will have noticed above, I personally enjoy the rush and satisfaction of hunting humans, skimming the shore lines every few minutes and positioning myself accordingly before I boost out for the kill. The game constantly tempts you to swim to deeper waters to possibly find hidden treasure or seashells, while spawning more threats and lesser snacks. On the one fin, you might make bank by finding tons of gold, on the other, you may die a slow painful death of starvation. It’s really up to you to balance the risk and rewards!

What I didn’t like are the constant pop ups to watch ads or play other games for more gold. That really took a toll on me after a while. The lack of a control interface on the screen may confuse players and take a while to get used to. An alternative that’s available is to change to tilt control, where the movements of your shark matches how you tilt your phone. I feel this is a more immersive way to play the game and really improves the control of the shark.

Tips to get you started in Hungry Shark Evolution:
  • Focus on your hunger meter and keep it full as much as you can.
  • Always check the surface for yummy humans and don’t be afraid to boost up on shores to catch humans entering or leaving the water.
  • When humans are scarce, explore the sea for other yummy snacks like fish, turtles, crabs and more! When you eat them, you’ll earn coins that contribute towards your next  upgrade
  • Change to tilt control in the options to get a more immersive experience.
  • You play a shark hunting the sea for yummy snacks to fill your hunger meter.
  • Keep watch for humans on the surface and consume them to keep you fuller for longer.
  • Use coins from your feeds to upgrade your shark’s abilities.
  • Avoid dangerous creatures at all cost as they can poison and kill you.
  • Always fill keep your hunger meter full so you don’t starve and die.

Hungry Shark Evolution  is available on Google Play and the App Store

Source for Images : Google Play

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