9 Beautiful Time Lapses You Have To Watch

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Sometimes we’re so focused on completing missions and side quests that we often forget to stop and smell the flowers.  Slow it down, take a look around and appreciate the immense amount of detail these game designers and animators have poured sweat and tears into. Enjoy 9 of the most beautiful time lapses in games now :

  1.       Grand Theft Auto V – by MkElite

Stop getting ‘wasted’ and watch this almost realistic time lapse of various locations in GTA V.

  1.       The Witcher 3 (Blood and Wine)– by Kobo Klips

If you’ve ever seen footage or trailers of Witcher 3’s gameplay, you’d know Geralt lives in a extremely gorgeous world. The above time lapse is from the game’s second DLC “Blood and Wine” set in the region of Toussaint.

  1.       Fallout 4 – by The Mavrick

There’s definitely nothing in this time lapse that resembles ‘post-apocalyptic’ in Fallout 4. The environments are gorgeous even though the music is a tad bit melodramatic. It pulls together nicely and gives you a sense of gloominess at the thought of the world coming to an end.

  1.       Dark Souls 3 – by EK2

Another somber but alluring time lapse is Dark Souls 3, a game notorious for its masochistic play style where players die countless number of times, sometimes for no reason at all!

  1.       Tom Clancy’s The Division™ – BY MaxMRM GAMEPLAY

Watch the day turn into night in this hypnotizing time lapse of Manhattan in Tom Clancy’s The Division™.

  1.       Horizon Zero Dawn – by IGN

Launching on PS4 this February 28 is the much anticipated open world action RPG Horizon Zero Dawn. Here’s a stunning time lapse to show you how the day and night cycle looks  in 1080 definition. You can learn more about the beasts and world map here.

  1.       Dying Light – by 8-BIT BASTARD

Daylight is a precious commodity in this game, where the infected are weak but ever increasing. You parkour building to building to save survivors and scavenge for resources to defend yourself before darkness set in. Once night falls, the tables are turned, the infected become stronger and you become their prey. But hey, let’s not be pessimistic and watch this magnificent time lapse of Dying Light!

  1.       No Man’s Sky – by Vicious Studios

No Man’s Sky may have had a rough start but this time lapse shows that there’s nothing wrong about its art direction.

  1.       Destiny – by niitq

Watch the day go by in Destiny’s barren and toxic wasteland of Old Russia.

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