13 Things That All Gamers Lie About

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We all suspect gamers lie, but we might not be sure how often. You’ll know the gamer in your life is lying when they…

1) Brag about having a high K/D ratio

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For FPS and MOBA players, K/D ratio stands for kill death ratio, calculated by taking the number of kills divided by number of deaths in one match. The higher the number, the more ‘pro’ you are for having survived so well, while racking up your kill count.

Pretty much every gamer is guilty of this because we never want to be seen as weak in other games. K/D is our badge of pride and we tend to pad it up quite a bit to not look bad in front of other gamers. If there isn’t a way to check, who’s to prove what you’ve said was a lie?

2) Blame lag for bad performance

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So you missed one..ok, two…alright sheesh, five shots at point blank range as the enemy rushed to the objective and killed you right after your miserable attempts? You could take the blame but who would do that? Blame lag and divert the attention away from your crappy aiming ability.

*Original gif was featured in 5 Things Only Southeast Asian Gamers Will Understand

3) Accuse a higher skilled opponent of cheating

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When beaten by a higher skilled opponent, many gamers will accuse them of cheating or hacking. Being steamrolled by the opposing team? Or is a particular player so darn accurate that he keeps killing you? Could it be luck, could it be skill? Nah, let’s not ponder too much about it and take the easy route – just accuse them of hacking!

4) State “This game is too easy”

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I’m not talking regular bosses in games that you’ve selected to challenge on its hardest difficulty. I’m talking about that particular friend who talks about Dark SoulsBloodborne and Nioh. When you ask for advice on how to get past a certain level that’s holding you back from all your glory, he scoffs at you for failing and claims that the game is too easy.

Maybe it’s time to ask him to prove his claims, perhaps he will use the lie about how his saved file got lost? Or that the game was patched to become more difficult?

5) Claim “I’m not good at the game”

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I don’t know why they do this, is it to troll or is it a humble gesture? Some say they do this to lower your guard so that you’ll think they are just like any casual player. With your guard down, they do a 180 on you and probably end up with the highest K/D ratio in the game. Argh, LIAR!

6) Boast “I can beat anyone at <insert multiplayer game>”

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Everyone has that friend who tries to intimidate other gamers by saying they can challenge anyone and win. Don’t be surprised, they are usually an emotional wreck in game and easy to beat. They’re all bark, no bite.

7) Pretend their younger siblings are playing but have unplugged their controllers

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As gamers, we’ll do anything to keep our gaming peace undisturbed. Even when our younger siblings beg for a chance to play the game, we agree to it but unplug their controllers so that they feel a part of the game but won’t ruin it. You can even keep the pretense up by praising them for good performance and giving them credit for the high score you achieved.

8) Assert that they knowing someone whose uncle’s cousin’s brother works at Blizzard, Ubisoft, Nintendo… you get the picture.

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You’re out with your gaming friends and discussing the latest news about a game you’ve all been playing. Suddenly one of your friends mentions that he indirectly knows someone working on the title and becomes the popular kid. Whether he actually is and his ‘inside’ news is accurate, you’ll never really know.

9) Brag about how much they love the game but have barely played it

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So your friends are all talking about this game that you too remember buying but don’t want to feel left out. You join in the conversation and nod your head, gradually you start raving about it and making up all kinds of tales about your greatest adventure in it. Only to get called out a few days later when they check your account and see you’ve only put an hour into the game.

10) Proclaim how much they hate the game, when really they have over 100 hours of playtime

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The hilarious part about this is that you see it happening in a lot of Steam game reviews. There’ll be that person who says this game should be thrown under a bus and rolled on a thousand times. That people should die when they utter the title of the game. This same person also has over 100 hours of playtime in the game. Yeah, you hate it so much you AFK-ed in it, amiright?

11) Boast about unlocking out of this world secrets or just plain spread rumors

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Because you want to be the coolest kid at the playground, you come up with elaborate tales about how you completed a difficult feat that unlocked you a golden aura around your character, or had llamas spewing rainbows from their butts. Or you just spread rumors like the infamous one in Pokemon Go where players thought they could reclaim missed Poke Balls by tapping quickly on it as it rolled away.

12) Tell themselves they will turn off the game after this quest/mission

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Sometimes you sink so hard into a game that you forget the time and where you are. It’s like you’ve been sucked into a different dimension, where every move matters. Should you make a bad decision, you will just respawn, a consequence not even close to how harsh reality is. This blissful feeling however, is short-lived as you’ll have to take care of responsibilities. You keep telling yourself that you’ll shut down the game after completing the mission, which leads to another and another till you’ve realize you haven’t slept all night and you badly need to pee.

13) Delude themselves into thinking they’ll playing an MMO casually

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We’ve all approached a new MMO with the mindset that we’ll play a few hours to get a feel of the game and step out, never to see the MMO again. WRONG.You soon find yourself sinking hours into it to grind for the better loot. Don’t kid yourselves, getting into MMOs is seriously addictive. To think otherwise is to believe that cats only have a passing interest in catnip. They don’t, they are full-blown addicted to the stuff..

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