[Overwatch] Zenyatta POTGs

Game, Overwatch

POTG – Play of The Game*

Zenyatta is an extremely versatile support player in Overwatch. He has 4 different abilities and 1 ultimate :

[LMB] Fires single Orb (more accurate)
[Hold RMB] Orb Volley : Charges and fires up to 5 orbs in a straight line (decent accuracy and only requires 1 ammo in order to charge up)
[Shift] Orb of Harmony : Throw an orb that heals teammates (decent healing speed)
[E] Orb of Destruction : Throw an orb at an enemy, causing them to take 50% extra damage which is VERY effective when you use your primary ability to fire orbs.
[Q] The ultimate, Transcendence, is when Zenyatta enters into a state of heightened existence which makes him invulnerable and heals nearby enemies and saves them from certain ultimates of enemies. During which, he will not be able to use any abilities.

He is a great pick if you’re tired of the low damage rate dished out by other healers like Lucio and Mercy. However, the shortcomings of this hero is his small health pool of 200 (currently) and lacks escape ability.

To counter him, mobile heroes like Genji, Tracer or Reaper pose the greatest threat. While a well positioned Widowmaker, Reinhardt or Winston could turn the tide of a Zenyatta on fire. So hide well and send those orbs flying to both team and opponent!

In this POTG, it is important to use orbs of destruction on every enemy within your sights to deal great damage and always, if possible, aim for the head.


Also, use Zenyatta’s ultimate, Transcendence, carefully as it can save your whole team and make or break a game. In this POTG, I managed to counter Reaper’s deadly ultimate.


And..Zarya and Genji ultimate used in sync but Transcendence kept the whole team alive.


Used properly, playing as Zenyatta can be extremely rewarding and deadly towards the enemy, plus it is without a doubt absolutely fun to play as. Just be careful of those flanking characters!

If you have any questions on how to play Zenyatta, you can drop me a line! 🙂