Launches New ARCC Staking Program in Partnership with

BiKi Exchange

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Singapore, 25th May 2020 — Global digital asset trading firm is pleased to announce the launch of a new ARCC staking program in partnership with the world’s first micro asset and crypto reserve currency for Asia and emerging markets,

The ARCC token was listed on 8th April 2020 on BiKi Exchange and has shown tremendous progress since with a 529.27% increase in return on investment and a 715.13% increase in liquidity, clearly proving that a reserve currency is viable in the cryptocurrency landscape. Additionally, we can look forward to the future appreciation of the token owing to the project’s clear product development road map and through impactful partnerships.

When asked about why they chose to partner with BiKi Exchange, Sinjin David Jung, the managing director of says: “We chose BiKi over other top 10 exchanges because BiKi wants the best for their users for the short and long term. This was exactly the partnership we were looking for in an exchange that really treasures and protects their users now and for the future.”

ARCC Staking Program

With over 12,000,000 ALGO (2.4M USD) in reserve holdings, the ARCC project seeks to continuously run staking programs with the aim of making staking accessible to all traders and rewarding the smaller traders first. It is confident of its ability to achieve this because the project was fully funded by the founders and did not require any presale, ICO or IEO, therefore there is no hidden or excess supply in the market and all funds raised were deposited into the ARCC currency reserve.

The ARCC staking program will be conducted in 3 phases, each running for 30 days. The details of each phase are as follows:

Phase 1: 28th May 2020, 30 Days

Annualized Return: 151.82%

Min/Max Contribution: 88–188 ARCC (41.36–88.36 USDT)

Total Monthly Return: 8.00%

Total Staking Supply: 88,888 ARCC

Phrase 2: 28th June 2020, 30 Days

Annualized Return: 81.64%

Min/Max Contribution: 388–1888 ARCC (182.36–887.36 USDT)

Total Monthly Return: 5.10%

Total Staking Supply: 888,888 ARCC

Phrase 3: 28th July 2020, 30 Days

Annualized Return: 28.02%

Min/Max Contribution: 3888–18888 ARCC (1827.36–8877.36 USDT)

Total Monthly Return: 2.08%

Total Staking Supply: 8,888,888 ARCC decided to launch the ARCC staking program with BiKi Exchange because it believes the BiKi platform creates real value instead of speculative trading value for its community and gives the project a platform to create a strong long term value proposition. Sinjin David Jung, managing director of comments: “We expect to analyze this 3-month promotion and make changes so we can best share the value of ARCC with BiKi’s members. Our objective is to be the best project on BiKi and become a top 20 coin globally in the next 1 year!”

ARCC Updates

In the coming months, the ARCC project will implement an aggressive development schedule and will launch at least 1 beta and 1 MVP site by Q4 2020. They will also announce at least 3 major partnerships which will aid in the adoption and use of ARCC on BiKi. Integrates Neutrino, the first stablecoin protocol with staking abilities generated by the Waves Platform economy

BiKi Exchange

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Singapore, 12th June, 2020 — Community-driven cryptocurrency exchange is pleased to announce a partnership with Neutrino, an algorithmic cryptocurrency protocol for issuing stablecoins and synthetic assets. Neutrino Dollar (USDN), the first stablecoin issued by Neutrino, seeks to solve the problem of volatility of PoS cryptocurrencies and reduces the necessity to trust a centralized entity in order to use stablecoins. It achieves this by being a USD-pegged decentralized stablecoin (1 USDN always costs 1 US Dollar) backed by WAVES token. USDN is a staking-based asset by design, accumulating staking rewards in a stablecoin, which excludes the risk of bearing losses on price volatility. All operations involving USDN — issue, collateralization, staking, and rewards payouts — are governed by a smart contract.

The listing of both USDN and WAVES will launch on BiKi Exchange on 16th June 2020, 18:00 hours. BiKi users can look forward to a host of activities including a bounty and staking events to participate in and earn more USDN!

Neutrino Protocol — Beginnings

The Neutrino protocol was developed by the Ventuary Lab team, previously granted by Waves Labs incubator. Sasha Ivanov, Waves founder and CEO, is a co-author of Neutrino’s protocol white paper. Currently, the development of Neutrino protocol and Neutrino Dollar is carried out by the Waves Exchange team.

After the launch of the public beta in November 2019, almost 13 million USDN were issued by the smart contract with 38.3% USDN being staked, and the Neutrino Dollar is already being traded on 6 exchanges and integrated into numerous services as a staking asset.

Advantage of USDN vs other stablecoins

The advantage of USDN over centralized stablecoins is that it is issued and governed by a smart contract, which allows anyone to check whether its collateral is sufficient. This reduces the need to trust a centralized entity for using the coin.

Another advantage of USDN is that it is staking-based by design. Staking USDN may be compared with bank deposits, but unlike traditional banks, the annual interest rate for USDN is significantly higher, on average, 8–15%, and the funds do not leave the user’s wallet and remain under the user’s full control.

On why Neutrino chose to list on BiKi Exchange, Aleksei Pupyshev Co-Author of Neutrino Protocol mentions “It’s always a pleasure to see the growth of Neutrino adoption. BiKi is a large and significant partner for the USDN development team that opens new markets and new opportunities.”

The future of Neutrino

Enthusiasts of the Neutrino protocol project can look forward to the release of new kinds of stablecoin such as GOLDN or CNYN as well as more trading mechanisms that make use of the Neutrino base tokens (NSBTs).

More information about future plans can be read at is the first Asia exchange to form a strategic partnership with Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC)

BiKi Exchange

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We’re pleased to announce that is the first Asia exchange to form a strategic partnership with Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC). The project strives to deliver the power of Bitcoin with the flexibility of an ERC20 token and is backed 1:1 with Bitcoin.

Deposit, trading, and withdrawal of WBTC is now live on, get your tokens now at

About WBTC

WBTC is an ERC20 token backed 1:1 with bitcoin in BitGo’s custody. Designated entities called ‘merchants’ can mint WBTC by depositing bitcoin in BitGo. As such, WBTC allows for price exposure to bitcoin within Ethereum applications. For example, taking a BTC backed loan on Compound or MakerDAO would not be possible without tokens like WBTC that abide by the ERC20 standard.

Learn more about the project at To List TriipMiles (TIIM), a Digital Currency Powering the World’s First Sustainable Travel Ecosystem That Rewards Travelers and Travel Enterprises

BiKi Exchange

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Singapore, 29th June 2020 — Community-driven cryptocurrency exchange is pleased to announce that Singapore-based TriipMiles’ token TIIM, will be listing soon on the exchange. Triip is an innovative data start-up that boasts a simple itinerary planning process for travelers and assists enterprises in showcasing timely travel services to those searching for them, all of which happen on Triip’s incentive-driven platform.

“We are thrilled to have Triip on board with BiKi as they have been showing massive potential along with a strong use case.” comments Ethan Ng, CEO of BiKi Southeast Asia.” We see a lot of crypto users following their project closely, who are excited about the upcoming token listing.”

Triip is built on blockchain infrastructure powered by TomoChain and has been operating for 2 years with 230,000 users. Their token, TriipMiles (TIIM) is held in over 70,000 active addresses and shows signs of 300% growth recently. In 2019, the project participated in Vietnam’s reality television series, Shark Tank Vietnam Season 3, where various projects pitch to a panel of investors who will decide to invest in the projects. Triip successfully pitched and raised $US500,000 in the show and gained huge exposure and following by the Vietnamese market, further fueling the team’s commitment to their mission.

“We are proud to work with BiKi — one of the leading exchanges and media groups in the world’s biggest blockchain community: China. The close partnership will help our world’s fastest-growing blockchain in the travel community grow even faster,” says Hai Ho, CEO of Triip Protocol.

Aiming to shake up a USD8.8 Trillion travel market industry, Triip aims to address the biggest problem in the current travel economy — inefficient and costly middlemen. One unique feature in their app that addresses this is Create Travel Plan which allows travelers to plan their itineraries ahead of time and gain access to a host of competitive offers tailored to their own needs by partnering travel enterprises. Triip users can also opt to earn TIIM tokens when they share their itinerary plans publicly on the platform.

On the flip side, travel enterprises can utilize TIIM tokens to gain access to itinerary plans shared by users, allowing them to plan their inventory more efficiently and offer their products and services to target customers accurately. Both travelers and enterprises get a boost in time, cost, and resource allocation with the Triip platform and makes planning for holiday getaways a breeze.

Triip is currently in partnership with travel booking giants like Booking.comAgoda, Yogofi, and is in the process of expanding their service offerings to other complementary industries like air flight, taxi, and local attractions. Their exclusive partnership with Quang Nam Tourism Board located at Hoi An, a tourist hotspot in Vietnam that hosts 8 million international travelers annually, enables them to take over the coordination of incoming bookings of flights, hotels, and tourist attractions tickets. Even though their operations are located in Vietnam, most of their users hail from Europe and Asia.

However, the COVID-19 situation has heavily affected the global tourism industry but the Triip team remains positive that the pandemic will end soon and people will want to travel and explore new and interesting places which they can find easily through the platform.

“We hope to bring more awareness to Triip’s progress and plan to more people, not only cryptocurrency traders but also global travelers who believe in the more responsible way to travel and protect our planet.” enthuses Hai Ho, CEO of Triip Protocol. “This is also a great opportunity for us to raise funds and utilize that money to create fundamental changes.” Through the firm, Hai has advanced a sustainability-driven business philosophy at the core of its vision: “To pioneer forward-looking business models advancing the vision of an industry-wide transformation: sustainable travel for the world.”

In four years, it’s created jobs for locals in 100 countries, which have made it a darling in financial coverage publications including The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, and The Next Web. Triip was also one of 512 members of the World Committee on Tourism Ethics — a program by the United Nations World Travel Organization.